Homeco is one of New Zealand’s most innovative building companies. We are experts in high-performance, energy-efficient construction


We believe that everyone should enjoy the benefits of a warmer, drier, healthier home. Our vision is to bring better homes to everyone, not just the fortunate few.

Inspired by Europe’s top performing building systems, we developed our very own innovative New Zealand designed Structural Insulated Panel (SIP) based system. Optimised for our unique geographic, climatic and seismic conditions, and proven and liked by Councils, it is locally manufactured from a mix of NZ-made and recycled materials, then combined with some of the world’s best European building products to make your new home stronger, safer, healthier and more environmentally sustainable than other alternatives.

With a multitude of energy efficient features, and built to a minimum 6 Homestar rating, your home will be warmer, drier, quieter, healthier and - with significantly reduced power consumption - much cheaper to run.

And now, with discounted Home Loan rates available for high-performance, healthy homes, on a $300,000 mortgage you could save over $2,100 per year on your finance too!

Because your home is pre-engineered and manufactured off-site, it can also be built up to twice as fast as a conventional home, with up to 90% less environmentally harmful and expensive waste.

At Homeco we appreciate that building a new home is a big commitment. We understand that our clients are our best source of promotion, and we can only expect to be rewarded with that if we do an amazing job. We value the trust you put in us and will repay that trust with great communication, a wonderful new home and exceptional service.    


Energy efficient homes are now cost efficient too.

Did you know that the New Zealand Building Code is more than 20 years behind the rest of the developed world in terms of energy efficiency standards? Yet over 95% of homes built in New Zealand are built ‘just’ to code - the minimum standard allowed by law. With a lack of air-tightness, let alone a fully insulated thermal envelope, that means, in some parts of the country, room temperatures in new homes fall below the World Health Organization’s minimum (18-21°C) required for a healthy living environment.  

After evaluating the best building systems from around the world, we analysed every aspect of how a home is manufactured and constructed. These factors, when optimised both individually and as a whole, significantly reduce the construction and installation time, wastage in every key area and ultimately the cost of the home.

We made improvements in structural strength, flexibility, healthiness, and quietness. We combined these advancements with logistical advantages and sustainable, locally-made products with a community-supporting element.

The resulting pre-engineered building system gives you a truly high-performance home that exceeds New Zealand’s building standards and outperforms traditional building systems by a considerable margin.

After 3 years of refinement, the result is a breakthrough in high-performance, environmentally sustainable building, supported and verified by independent testing. Warmer, quieter, healthier to live in, cheaper to heat and much faster to build, with a strong environmental, sustainable, technological and community focus, we consider our building system to be New Zealand’s best. 


University research has unequivocally proven the link between the quality of our housing and our health, productivity and well-being; with our youngest, oldest, and least well-off citizens being at the highest risk.

Poor quality housing is directly linked to illnesses such as colds and flu, respiratory diseases such as Asthma, days off school and work, and the cost to society, both to the health system and in general.

Delivering affordable, high-performance housing has benefits for the entire community, with a huge return on investment when considered in terms of social, environmental and economic value.

As New Zealand's first Iwi-affiliated Builder of energy-efficient, environmentally sustainable, high-performance homes, we strive to bring attainability and superior housing outcomes across the building spectrum, be it Residential, Commercial, Social Housing or Architect Designed Homes.   

With so many reasons why you should build a Homeco home, this Diagram provides a great overview of the “big picture”.

With so many reasons why you should build a Homeco home, this Diagram provides a great overview of the “big picture”.


In order to make it easier to meet your budget, Homeco offers a range of building specifications and options.  

Bronze, Silver and Gold 

While many of our homes are Architect designed to our clients individual requirements, our Bronze, Silver and Gold Packages are based on our Ready-to-Build plans, of which we have a wide range. This means you can enjoy your new home as quickly as possible. With your house plans sorted, all you need do is finalise your specification, some finishes and colours, and you are on your way to a quiet, warm, new home. Drop into our central city showroom and together we can go through all the options.

Platinum and SUPER-GREEN.

Our Platinum and Super-Green Homes are our most unique; Architect Designed and packed with the ultimate energy efficient and sustainable design features. Super-Green Homes can also be built to a "Passive-House" standard. 

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Your Homeco Home includes:

  • Our Total Price Guarantee.

  • A thermally-broken, fully insulated foundation.

  • Our own Structural Insulated Panel based building system, incorporating superior air-tightness, strength, speed of construction, and sustainability.

  • Double glazed, thermally broken, Argon filled, low e-glass, PVC, aluminium or timber framed windows (with an affordable Triple glazed option).

  • Insulated PVC (or Aluminium) external doors.

  • Less, if any, expensive, structural steel.

  • Pre-wiring for solar panels and electric vehicles.

  • Wired in smoke detectors.

  • Extra height internal doors and wardrobes.

  • Power outlets with USB Ports.

  • Halo – the most comprehensive 10 year residential building guarantee on the market.

Homeco's Design Process

Not only does Homeco's energy-efficient building system save you money on heating costs - at our minimum Homestar 6, around $1,000 a year - you'll be in your new home months faster than you would with a conventionally built home! Check out our build process below.

Homeco Building Process.jpg

Our building system is both extremely strong and versatile, making it ideal for light commercial projects including multi-level dwellings and apartments.

It can be erected very quickly, usually without the need for expensive cranes and heavy machinery.  

Because our insulation is made from recycled material, not Petrochemical-based products (such as EPS-Polystyrene or PUR-Polyurethane), it is healthier and safer, making it ideal for community services buildings such as schools, medical centres, hotels, motels, retirement villages and social housing.

Our team has extensive experience in developing, project managing and marketing large commercial projects. In conjunction with our partner businesses, we offer a comprehensive service with the ability to master plan, fund and develop projects if needed.


Homeco is part of a close network group of experienced property development, building and finance professionals. Between us we have qualifications in business, management, marketing, property development, building science, quantity surveying, architecture and finance, combined with over 100 years of experience, during which we have collectively designed, developed, marketed and sold over 10,000 individual properties.

As well as building we can finance, develop and even manage large-scale residential and commercial projects.  

Coming from a commercial background, we have a very different approach to most residential home builders. We are much more cost conscious, time conscious and waste conscious. We're always looking for better ways; better products, better systems, and we're not tied to the typical industry supply chain model. Free jet-ski boys? Nah. We'd rather build cheaper homes for our clients.

Having studied at a University level, we understand that the world is a rapidly changing place and we that we need to keep learning, stay current and, ideally, ahead of the game. Having worked overseas (ALL our team have lived and/or worked overseas), we are driven to deliver an ever better home. 

What people most often remark on though is that we're willing to spend time with them; listen to them and reflect their needs. We're always asking our clients how we can do better. We get that we work in the people industry, we just happen to have a mission that is, to build the most affordable energy efficient, environmentally sustainable, high performance homes in New Zealand.   


Rhys Head

Rhys Professional 2.jpg

BBSc, BCA, Nat.Cert.Carp. 

Rhys has 20 years experience in infrastructure, commercial construction and civil engineering, both in NZ and the UK. Rhys has had experience in the design and build of apartments, hotels, office fitout, retail, residential developments, rail and public infrastructure. Having worked for so many of NZ's big names in construction has given Rhys huge insights as to how building should be done, and how it shouldn't. Rhys's insights and drive for outside-the-box thinking are central to how we build differently, better, and cheaper.

Rhys came from a carpentry trade background prior to completing double degrees in Commerce and Building Science at Victoria University of Wellington.

Rhys is of Ngai Tuahuriri, Ngai Tahu whakapapa, is a member of Te Ngai Tuahuriri Executive and a Trustee on Matapopore and He Toki ki te Rika.

Rhys believes that high-performance homes should be attainable for everyone, and has a unwavering goal of achieving this through Homeco.

Phone: 021 0285 7969                                   Email: rhys.head@homeco.co.nz



B Bus Mgt, NZ Dip Bus, NZIM Dip Mgt, Cert Mktg, Cert HR


Hamish has worked in residential property development for over 15 years in sales, marketing and general management roles on some of New Zealand’s biggest and highest profile mixed residential/commercial property developments.

Hamish has always thought that we, as a wider industry, we could do a LOT better, particularly when it comes to energy efficiency and sustainability. He is passionate about delivering superior housing outcomes, especially in the areas of urban design, home performance and affordability and has negotiated (previously considered impossible) zone-breaking partnerships with Council in the pursuit of this.

As well as a big-picture thinker, he also understands the value of the little (big) things, an approach he brings to every home we build.

Hamish is as enthusiastic about building better performing homes for New Zealanders as he is about great design and loves searching out the latest building products and new home innovations.  

Phone: 0275 355 355                              Email: hamish.lamont@homeco.co.nz


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