Cheaper Homes for Everyone! Prefabulous!

This week we attended the launch of the Combined Building Supplies Co-op. This Co-op brings together building companies (eventually from all over New Zealand) to give them buying power superior to the largest single companies. If we can buy cheaper building products, we can build cheaper houses! Build with Homeco and this benefit is passed directly back to you!

We were fortunate to spend time with both City Counsellor Glenn Livingstone and Housing Minister Phil Twyford, who thought this Co-op was so significant he made a special trip to Christchurch for the event.

Though I’m a bit of a cynic when it comes to Politicians, Phil impressed me with his enthusiasm as well as his polish. Talking to him, he gets the scope of the job at hand as well as some of the solutions required to help “fix” the housing problem.  

One of those solutions is Prefabricated Building; what we at Homeco do when we build a house.   

So, below are 7 advantages of Prefabricated building; Homeco style.

1)      Time Savings: We run parallel works streams, meaning that work can take place simultaneously both in the factory and on site. We can build a house in around ½ the time of a conventional home. Time IS actually Money and this can save lots on your finance cost, not to mention the outright convenience of being in your new home sooner.

2)      Healthier: Studies have proven that when a home is well insulated and better sealed, you and your family will have less illness (lower rates of colds, flu, asthma) and a generally better quality of life. And we all want that!

3)      Stronger: Tests on a home we recently built in Lincoln showed 160% of New Build Standard in one direction and 220% in the other. Impressive stuff! If you live in Earthquake Zones like we do, that’s great peace of mind! Plus, being so strong, our homes need less expensive structural steel, saving you thousands on your build cost!

4)      Cheaper to Run! Being Warmer and Drier, Homeco homes are cheaper to heat. Little things like 100% LED Lighting also contribute to a huge saving on your power bill, at least $1,000 a year with our Minimum Homestar 6 rating; and much more if you include solar hot water and Photovoltaic Panels

5)      Less Environmental Impact:  Our Panels are made almost entirely from sustainably produced and recycled  materials. Our engineered wood uses  97% of the Tree and even the insulation is a recycled material. Because our panels are pre-engineered, on site waste can be reduced by as much as 90%. When you think that in a typical build many builders use up to 12 skips (around $6,000 that’s passed directly to the homeowner!) it’s a pretty big save. Your money as well as the Planet. With less heating and cooling required, your Homeco House even has lower carbon emissions! (We’re not called Homeco for nothing).

6)      Reduced Weather Exposure: Because our structure is built inside in a factory controlled setting, then erected on site within a couple of days and made weather tight immediately afterwards with a permeable membrane, the potential for moisture being trapped within the building is massively reduced. Excessive exposure to heat and moisture results in ongoing quality issues with your home, so maybe this one should be Better Quality!

7)      Better! Warmer, Drier, Quieter, Safer. Yes, I know that’s 4 reasons. But the point is a Homeco Home outperforms a traditional home by every measure.

I could go on and on about why our building system is prefabulous! But if you want to know more reasons why a Homeco Home is by far the best home for you and your family, call Hamish on 0275 355 355!