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Why should I consider Homeco? Why not just build with a Group Home Builder?

There are lots of good brands and builders out there, but did you know that around 95% of new homes are built just to Code, the bare minimum standard you can legally build to?

The New Zealand Building Code is 15-20 years behind the rest of the developed world, and has even drawn criticism from the International Energy Agency (IEA). This really isn’t good enough.

At Homeco we build homes that are better, that are warmer, drier, quieter and healthier for you and your family.

Plus, we don’t have Franchise Fees or Salespeople; you’re dealing with the owners of the company, degree qualified construction professionals with years of experience.

How is Homeco Different to other Builders?

We’ve come from a commercial background and our approach to building is more akin to a commercial approach. Having all worked overseas, we have a different viewpoint to many builders; to the Building Code, to how we procure building products, and how we consider the environment. Using a building system that is better than the norm is an example of this.

We combine our building system with thermally-broken foundations and some of the best European building products available, such as thermally-broken, double or triple glazed windows with low-e glass and Argon-filled panes in PVC, Aluminium, or Timber, and award-winning Engineered-Timber Flooring.

We also have a social conscience, and this is evident in the number of homes we build for some of our country’s most vulnerable citizens, something that gives us a great deal of pride.

What are the Benefits of the Homeco Building System?

Because we build with our own SIP based Building System, your home will be warmer, drier, healthier, quieter, safer, stronger, built in ½ the time, much cheaper to heat, and worth 9-16% more than a conventionally built home!

What are SIPs (Structural Insulated Panels)?

Structural Insulated Panels (or SIPs) are a high-performance building system for residential and light commercial construction. SIPs are an extremely strong, well insulated, more air-tight and efficient construction system.

Homeco SIPs are used to construct walls, but floors and ceilings can also be made from panels if required. Homeco panels consist of insulation-filled timber framing sandwiched between structural facings.

Insulated Homeco Panels are also used for interior walls, meaning our homes are quieter and rooms are insulated for sound as well as temperature. This also makes a significant contribution to the strength of your home.

Why aren't you using Polystyrene or Polyurethane Insulation in your SIPs?

For a start Polystyrene and Polyurethane are Petroleum-based products. Their manufacture and use is bad for the environment. Period. Some people will tell you that Polystyrene can be recycled, but in practice, locally, that’s not the case.

While they have insulative benefits, both products melt and burn, releasing gasses that can be fatal. Polystyrene is often combined with a fire-retardant called HBCD (Hexabromocyclododecane) a toxic bio-accumulative that is extremely harmful to people and the environment, and was banned by the Stockholm Convention, except for use in some building products, in 2013.

Plus, in the process of construction, (e.g. if electricians drill into panels) inevitably, Polystyrene waste is released into the environment.   

Lastly, all the bonds in Homeco SIPS are timber to timber, rather than timber to foam. Which would you rather rely on in the event of an Earthquake?

So a Homeco Home is Better for the Environment?

Absolutely! And in a LOT of ways:

The structural timber products we use in our panels are engineered and together use about 97% of the tree.  

Because we use an off-site manufacturing system, the homes we build produce up to 90% less waste than a conventionally built home, the cost of which is normally be passed directly on to you, the purchaser. (A saving of as much as $5,000 on a typical home)

Best of all, a lot less of that expensive electricity you use is being wasted. A Homeco home needs about ¼ the heating draw of a conventional home and our building system means our homes have less than 3 Air changes per hour, at least ½ that of a conventionally built new home.     

Does a house built with SIPs look any different?

Your Homeco home can be built in any style with any external cladding materials you desire. Whether you’re looking for a modest stand-alone bungalow with gable ends, a two storey residential villa or a super-modern architectural box-form beach-house that has to endure gale force winds, Homeco’s building system is able to be used with no design compromises. Our system is perfect for apartments and light commercial buildings, pre-schools and retirement villages too.

But doesn’t a Homeco Home cost more?

Your Homeco Home will cost you more than the cheapest new home, however budget residential homes aren’t our specialty. However, your electricity bills will be significantly less, better mortgage rates are available and - all that aside - if you built another home with the same performance, a Homeco home will be considerably cheaper!    

So how much Money can I save by Building a Homeco House?

How much you can save depends on a few different things, such as where you make those savings.

Efficiency: Because your Homeco Home is built with our Panels, it’s already much more air-tight than a conventionally built home. That we use more insulation also helps, as does making sure we tape joins and penetrations to make it as air-tight as it possibly can be.

Power: Your power bill be should be around 1/2 that of a conventionally built home. e.g. That’s a saving of at least $1,000 a year. With Solar Panels your power consumption could be sitting at zero!

Home Loans: ANZ Bank is currently offering discounted home-loans, with 0.7 - 1.0% off your loan if you build a home that’s 6 Homestar or above.

Rent: If you’re renting and you can get in your new home sooner, that’s a substantial saving. e.g. $500/week over 12 weeks is $6,000!

How much Faster can I build with Homeco?

Our unique off-site manufacturing process means your Homeco home can be built in around 1/2 the time as a conventional home. See more here.

How much Stronger is a Homeco Home?

It depends on your home, but we’ve had several examples where the structural of the home exceeded 200% of Code!

How is a Homeco Home Healthier for my Family?

A warmer, drier, home means no mould and mildew, and therefore less respiratory illness. We have access to luxurious European engineered timber flooring so you can specify less carpet too.

If you have any other FAQs? Please contact Hamish Lamont at Homeco and he’ll add them to the list!

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